My Dad "Hates" Natural Hair

This is not about my daddy. 

September 9, 2014

I'm natural! I've been natural for about 3 years now, but no one would ever know it.  


I feel like I've had almost every style you can think of: weaves and sew-ins, braids and twist—EVERYTHING!  


I've told many people that I'm natural, but it seems no one really believes me because they haven't seen it. I told myself I would never wear it out until I was comfortable.












If you think about it, every since the day we were born we have done things to alter our appearance in attempts to make ourselves more "beautiful" or presentable for others. When we are babies our mothers pierce our ears or put bows in our hair, but who's to say we weren't beautiful before that?

As little girls, we watched our mothers put on make up and we just couldn't wait our turn. Don't get me wrong, I love make up just as much as the next girl. But is that what defines our beauty?  Girls start so young getting perms to straighten out the kinks and curls without ever getting the chance to enjoy them!





















Kids can't wait  to be teenagers, teens can't wait to be adults, adults spend their time wishing they could relive their "glory days," and no one is enjoying the phase of life that they are in right now!

We live in a world now where no one is enjoying the now! I'm not saying don't plan for the future. I'm not saying don't reflect on the past. I'm saying ENJOY TODAY! Enjoy who you are right now!

I spent so much time being self conscious of my natural hair because I was afraid it wasn't long enough or my curl pattern wasn't the "right" one.  This lead to becoming self conscious about my weight because I felt like I wasn't the "right" size. I also went through a "dry" period where I stopped writing because I felt like I wasn't saying the "right" thing or talking about the "right" subject.

I love having my weaves, braids, and make up done but if I don't feel beautiful without it then I don't want it! My dad "hates" natural hair. If I had to tell him one thing about why I am natural. I would say, "I love all of me and want to feel comfortable with every part of me."





















Other reasons for  being natural may be different from mine. All of this year my hair has been braided or sewn in. I've had other people's hair on my head. I decided to take a month (because next month I will have a sew in for my birthday--OCTOBER 16 lol)  just to let my hair breath not only because it needs to, but because I'm embracing every part of me. I never decided to go natural; I just stopped getting perms.  I say why not embrace who I am and love every part of me, nappy hair and all!. How dare anyone tell me that my hair is not beautiful in the state that God created it in.

I challenge everyone to not forget about today! Days are passing you by and you haven't enjoyed the phase of your life that you are in now! No, you may not be at your goal weight but enjoy the size you are now! Dress up and flaunt what you've got! Your hair may not be the length you would like, but rock the short hair like no one else can! That promotion may not have come yet, but enjoy the position you have and remember, to whom much is given, much is required.

I wrote this not to say that natural is better than relaxed hair or vise versa. If you have relaxed hair, you better rock it girl! It may sound simple, but LOVE YOURSELF EVERYDAY. Love every single part of you--love handles and all. We paint this picture in our heads of this futuristic us that we will love more than who we are right now. Enjoy the journey of becoming who you want to be, but love yourself every single step of the way.

Enjoy who you are TODAY!

Stay Blessed,

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