“I have one life to live and that life is dedicated to Christ and serving others.
I want my gift of dance to be able to impact others’ lives forever."
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juanita williams



Juanita Williams, owner and director of Salted Ideas Dance Company has been dancing and teaching in Oklahoma for over 13 years. She attended Oral Roberts University on a Dance performance scholarship and Pom team Scholarship. She graduated ORU with a degree in Leadership with a concentration in Business. 


Juanita Williams has been cast in the Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Festival, The Legacy Dance Company, and has directed and choreographed numerous performances in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Her love for dance and people is the reason she started Salted Dance Company.  “I have one life to live and that life is dedicated to Christ and serving others. I want my gift of dance to be able to impact others’ lives forever. After people watch a Salted Dance production, my prayer is that they don't just remember the show, but that they would experience the love of Christ."

Why do you do what you do?

I love art; writing, photography, painting but dance is my passion. Whether it’s a simple dance or one filled with complexity I love to dance and create them. Now, more than ever, the world of entertainment and performance is growing with shows that wow the masses, but simultaneously leave them empty.

I wanted to offer a chance for students and creative professionals to train and create art of high caliber standards that will influence the minds of people to look past the earthly limits, and be filled with an inner satisfaction that will not cease.


What inspired you to start your business?


After applying to countless corporate jobs and taking a break from dancing, I settled into this routine of sleep, work, sleep, and work.  I desperately wanted to get out of that cycle, and do something I was passion about.  After, much prayer and talking to those I trust, I mixed the things I cared about together; dance, Jesus, and people.  I want Salted Dance to be dedicated to developing refined spiritual, physical, creative artists and art for the Advancement of Christ’s Kingdom.  I see a lack of great Christian art, especially in the area of dance. I desperately want to change that stigma of Christian art being cheap or poorly done.


How did you start your business?

I just jumped right into it. I was blessed to have interned at dance studios and dance conventions while in high school and college. My family has a big component of my success thus far; they have supported me and have done countless work for free. I own a small business so I used a lot of my own funds to get everything going. I had to do a lot of praying, hustling, and PRAYING.

What advice would you give to other young, aspiring entrepreneurs?

  • Trust God: He has planted something in you. Believe that He will bring it to fruition in your life and use it to bless others.

  • Water what is planted in you: Christ has planted it in you, but you have become excellent in it. YOU MUST! Read books, go to seminars, train, practice, talk to others about it, and GIVE IT YOUR ALL!

  • Don’t limit yourself: Learn about a variety of subjects, you will be surprised how things which seem to be totally different correlate and make for a better product and art.

  • Worship the Giver not the gift: You are extremely gifted, but the gift will go away one day. Don’t let it take the throne of your heart. Christ, the Giver, is the best gift and if you receive Him, He can’t be taken away.






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