"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school."

 - Albert Einstein


Outside Education is a platform for young people to stay updated, and gain knowledge in the arts. This page spotlights young artist, entertainers, musicians, entrepreneurs, etc.  Not only will this page be an avenue for artist to discover one another; it will also allow viewers to see what I’m watching, reading, listening to, and everything I believe is hot this month.

Also, if you’re a young artist or entrepreneur and you want to advertise your business, artwork, or current project, I’ve got the perfect spot for you on my site. Each month, I will spotlight two entrepreneurs in their 20s, one male and one female. Their bio, social media links, website, and a small portfolio will be featured for the entire month, plus their info will be archived so you'll always be able to find them here.

PS – I have sweet spot for all of my young entrepreneurs in the Atlanta area. If you live here, that’s a plus, but if not, you still can be featured. Who knows? I may do two from Georgia and two from anywhere else in the world! Let me know what you’ve got going on; I want to support you!

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"Art is everything. Art is everywhere. Art is education. "

 - Patience Alferea

"So Will I"
performed by

Amanda Cook

of Bethel Music

Steffany gretzinger

of Bethel Music
"Reckless Love"

Corey asbury

of Bethel Music
"No Longer Slaves"

Jonathan and Melissa Helser

of Bethel Music



gay girl, good god

April 4, 2018 would have been Maya Angelo's 90th birthday, and it also marked the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination.  On this day, I spent hours listening to her speak -- reading poetry, speaking knowledge, and telling her story.  I was so intrigued by her life, sense of humor, and her storytelling that I bought her collected autobiographies.  Although she and Dr. King may be gone, their legacy lives on through the lives they lived and the words they spoke.
Maya said that humility was simply knowing that someone came before you and acknowledging them for paving the way. For that, I thank you both. We didn't get here on our own!

"Art is everywhere and so is knowledge;

therefore we can create to learn and learn to create. "

 - Patience Alferea



"Spoken word involves creating poetry that doesn't just want to sit on paper; something about it demands it be heard out loud or witnessed in person. "

-Sarah Kay


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"Ideas are not limited by a budget,

the creativity takes place in your head!"

 - Hans Zimmer

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The Happy planner

Here are a few things that I have incorporated in my life that have kept my motivated, organized,  and focused on my goals! These items can be found at Michael's!  You can also purchase stickers, washi tape, and inserts for each area of your life!


Creative Year Journals
These journals are GOAL SPECIFIC and broken down by day. Each journal separates every area of your life into "plannable" parts! Similar inserts are also available for THE HAPPY PLANNER! 

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