It’s the day of the show, and I have exhausted all of my options. I have gone through my phone and asked everyone I can possibly think of, “Hey, what are you doing Friday night?”


“Sorry, I’m busy.”


“I already have plans.”


“I can’t make it!”


“I would love to, but I can’t.”

At this point, I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t go.

Maybe I should just stay home and watch Netflix. Maybe it wasn’t meant for me to go. Maybe I’ll go next time.

"Lord, what should I do?"


“But God, I’m not going to know anyone.”

In this moment, God said, “Don’t miss out on what I have for you waiting for people!”

So it’s decided…I’m going alone. I buy my ticket online, get in the car, and head across town.

My night was absolutely amazing; I was exactly where I needed to be. If I hadn’t heard God the first time, He confirmed Himself over and over throughout the night. As we were waiting outside the doors to enter the sanctuary, I started talking to a lady that was standing in line behind me. She began telling me that the last show that she went to really blessed her and how she had made up in her mind that she wasn’t going to miss this one. I started telling her about my failed attempt at getting someone to accompany me and she proceeded to tell me that she went to the PIA Tour alone. She said, “Sometimes you have to come by yourself. You can’t miss out on what God has for you waiting for people.” She continued to tell me how the last tour was exactly what she needed and how God spoke to her through the poetry from that night.

After about the fourth person I asked told me no, I knew I needed to go alone, yet I still searched for someone to go with me. Why is it that we cling to things we know we don’t need for the sake of comfort? Not saying that those friends that I asked aren’t needed; however, in that moment they weren’t necessary, but I wanted someone to go with me for the sake of comfort. If I had not gone by myself, I would not have been as free as I was. Every spoken word piece and song came from such a passionate and pure place – it was beautiful. With friends, I would have been comfortable, but not present. I probably would have been trying to capture the moment on Snapchat or record it so I could somehow feel like I was in that moment again instead of enjoying the moment for what it truly was – a message in art form, sweet music to the Most High God!

With hands lifted high, in a room full of young adults, we worshiped our Creator. No interruptions. No distractions. Each one of us had an intimate moment with our Lord.


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