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Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Let me just start by saying, this is not a food blog; however, we are still at the beginning of the year and people are still on a health kick! I did something the other day that surprised me – I ate a salad for breakfast! Now, I'm the type of person who does not like dinner food for breakfast such as: steak, chicken, fish, shrimp, etc. The only exception would be if it's in an omelette, but typically I like each of my meals to have a different taste.

When I got up the other day, I really wanted some veggies for breakfast, but I didn't not necessarily want broccoli or spinach (dinner food). I was thinking about what I had in my fridge and what I could make easily and quickly – spring mix!

Hmmm...maybe I could make a breakfast salad?

I pulled out the spring mix, two eggs, strawberries, craisins, cheese, and bacon and got to work! I was really pleased with the result, and I thought it was worth sharing if you're looking for ways to switch up your breakfast! I'll post the recipe and instructions below; if you make it be sure to tag me so I can see your creation!

Cheers to a #Healthy2020



Spring mix (or any salad of your choice)

2 boiled eggs

3 strips of bacon

5-7 sliced strawberries (sizes will vary)

1/4 cup - Craisins

5-7 crushed pecans (optional)

1/4 cup - shredded cheddar cheese

1/4 cup - sliced onions

2 tbs. - Ranch dressing

Spices: salt, pepper, oregano (to taste)


1. Place spring mix in the bowl of your choice and season with spices.

2. Boil 2 eggs.

3. Cook 3 slices of bacon on medium heat. Drain grease and cut or break bacon. (Note: you can use bacon bits, but freshly cooked bacon works best)

4. Slice your onions, strawberries, and boiled eggs on chopping board.

5. Crush pecans by hand or place them in a bag to crush.

6. Top salad with your ingredients.

7. Finish salad with ranch dressing.


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