"We all need a place where we feel the freedom to be who we are and say the things we are afraid to say usually.  

That is what writing is for me."

Ro Lamb believes in discovering and expressing the Good, the Beauty, and the Truth of Life through Creativity.  He lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his Love, Takia E. Lamb and his three sons Trio, Kingston, and Zion.  He is passionate about writing, ideas, creativity, spirituality, sports, and so many other things.  He loves you.

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your power is in your ability to choose love. 

in every situation you are presented with a 

choice. either, you choose fear or you choose 

love. the beauty of Life is you are never at

the mercy of other people or circumstance. or 

no one can force you to do anything that opposes 

your intention -- nothing can force you violate the

deepest desires of your heart. every choice 

you make is manifestation of your desire. do

you desire love or do you desire fear? do you

desire intimacy or protection? take your power 

by taking responsibility for your thoughts,

emotions, words, and actions. choose love. choose

love based on your desire for harmony, joy, and

beauty. choose love even when fear is logical.

even to the point of death, love can always be

your choice. this is why The Master said, 

"forgive them, for they know not what they do." 

Why do you do what you do?

When I was a child someone asked me why I liked to write and make up stories.  And my answer was there was no limit to where my imagination could go and what I could build.And to this day my reason is the same.  When I am writing a poem or writing a story I love the feeling that there are no limits besides the ones I put on myself.  I also value self expression.  We all need a place where we feel the freedom to be who we are and say the things we are afraid to say usually.  That is what writing is for me.

What inspired you to start?


The first book that I remember falling in love with was “A Wrinkle in Time” by Madeleine L’Engle.  The second was the Lord of the rings trilogy.  I was an avid reader and stories like those, along with comic books and superheroes, sparked my imagination.  I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t writing something or making up a story.

How did you start your writing career and website?


I don’t know that I think about my writing as a career.  Not yet, at least.  This year I just decided if writing is what I want to do, then that’s what I am going to do.  So I made a commitment to start finishing some projects and sharing it with people.  So my Love built a site for me and I started writing everyday.  I still don’t post as much as I want to, but It’s a start and it is exciting to be starting.  My book just came out and I am not sure how many will sell but it feels good to have a finished product in the world somewhere that I can point to and say, “Yes. I did finish that.” LOL

How did you go about publishing your book?


I self published my book through Amazon’s company CreateSpace.

What can readers expect in your book?


In Shattered Theories of I you can expect to get some raw emotions.  I don’t claim anything in the book to truth.  But I do claim it to be true to my perspective.  I think we all have beliefs and thoughts about the world based on our experiences.  And when we really examine what we believe about the world sometimes it’s not always true.  Just because we believe something is a way doesn’t mean that it actually is.  But that belief that we believe to be true informs the decisions that create the reality we experience everyday.  So Shattered Theories of I is just the acknowledgement of the lies I believe to be true.


What advice would you give to other young, aspiring creatives and entrepreneurs?

I am not sure I should give any advice.  However, I will share the best advice that I have gotten and that I would share with anyone endeavoring on a creative life.  “Finished is better than perfect.”






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